The poor black kitten was rescued by a stranger, and was sent to hospital for a full recovery

Around yearsago, on thesidewalk in the pouringrain, a kind woman with the name of Katherine, she noticed a small and helpless wet lump, which at first glance did not even recognize the kitten.

She definitely felt sorry for the poor cat. She stay there to wait for the mom or someone who might lose the cat, but no one showed up. So after waiting a while, she had the courage to take the baby home.

Over the next few days, the kitten’s condition worsened, but Katherine’s continuous care for 6 weeks helped to put him on his paws.

The gray color of the coat was caused by a fever that happens to kittens born to a cat mother who was under severe stress. Now this cat is more than 2 years old, he is very active and freedom-loving, but at the same time incredibly affectionate and grateful.

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