The pulpy dog medicates humans and animals

We used to read stories about animals, who are tiny, little, unprotected, loyal, heroic, and so on.

The reason is that normally we only see pets with this type of character around us or read tellings like this scenario. Today’s narrative is quite different and even may seem to you a little strange.
Met this white-colored dog who is like a fluffy cloud. His name is Chief and he is the most extraordinary and fascinating animal ever.

While other pets are playing games typical to them with balls or thread spools, this small “cloud” doesn’t need any plaything for him just because he has 2 little puffy balls on his legs.
The astonishing and impressive this about this dog is that has a profession of master in therapy from his birth day on. When he was about nine weeks old was adopted by a woman who has a lot of experience and reputation in teaching animals owning this type of profession. Sarah accepted him as a full house member.

The dog comprehends when other animals or human beings feel sick or are out of the mood. One his hug or titillate is enough for being delighted or blissful for his contingents.
The small-tailed animal soon will work at the local hospital, as his future patients are waiting for their future therapy doctor eagerly.

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