The small guy made a stroller for the pet via Lego that he got as a present for Christmas

A pet the name of which was Gracie did not have legs since birth.

It appeared in the street when being too small. Luckily the baby was noticed by kind hearted people who admitted it and determined it to give a comfortable life to it.

The family took care of the baby but had no idea how to assist it to move by itself. Featured strollers are prepared for special size and are not cheap.

The pet was growing and a usual one could not fit it because of changing size. Then a young boy named Dylan was able to make a cozy thing for helping the movement of the pet. It was a constructor made from Lego.

It was cozy and was modified to the size of the pet while growing. When the small one will be grown up they will make a firm stroller due to its sizes.

After several weeks the baby was adjusted to it. Now it can easily run to and fro and have a walk in the streets. The family did it best to make the thing softer for the pet. After several months wheels are added to the construction.

It easily got accustomed to it and was rather joyful and active. Gracie was fortunate to appear in such a lovely family and that the disability did not prevent it from enjoying its life.

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