The small kitty is adopted by an aged Labrador they look very sweet

One day a farmer when walking near her house heard by chance a squeak.

It went to the direction of the voice and noticed a baby kitty. She determined not to touch it as supposed that its mother would come back. In the evening the woman once more went to the kitty and found it again there.

She realized that the kitty is in need of assistance and took it to the house. The baby was newborn and could not see and was hungry.

The woman gave it the name Polly and determined to wash it as it was dirty being outside. The owner’s dog at that time came to see the kitty.

Morgan knew that the dog would be affectionate towards the little one. It approached the cat and started to hug it. The baby one seemed to be happy. The Labrador decided to look after the baby one.

Though the eyes of the cat are closed anyway it had trust in the dog. After some time it saw its companion and their fellowship was cuter.

Currently Paxton is 13 and Polly is 5 months and they get along with each other. The pet is rather tolerate and calm while the kitty is active.

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