The truck driver burst into tears when he finally finds his lost cat

A man who is a truck driver, with the name of Mathew, lost a gray cat called Ashes. It was two months ago.

He was devastated and so desperate to find his friend who was also a family to him. But then, he got a call from a very unexpected place.

For about three years the cute cat had been traveling with his lovely friend Mathew.

He even has his own separate place in the truck and loves to go on trips with Mathew. They always have fun with each other. And absolutely loves his cat Ash!

They often have to drive very far from home, but this is the specifics of the work – goods must be delivered throughout the country.

While driving to Ohio, two months ago he lost Ashes. Being scared of unusual noise he jumped out and went into the bushes. Everyone tried hard to find him, but useless. No one could find the cat.

Since then, whenever he had orders through the routes of Ohio, he was very attentive hoping that someday his friend would be found. But it seemed Ash was disappeared.

Days later, he got a call from a shelter far from Ohio. Turns out a woman saw the freezing cat and took him to the nearby shelter.

While examining him, the staff found a microchip and immediately called with the written number. And Matthew rushed across the country to finally reunite with his beloved friend. How did that poor cat survive, what was he doing all this time. did he eat? All of these questions can’t be answered.

But Mathew is incredibly happy, he even cried during the reunion!

An amazing and touching moment!

Looks like Mathew got his Christmas gift.

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