This couple did something kind by not separating the brother kittens

Cats are extremely affectionate, tiny, and playful animals. No one can dare to say that the bond between cats is not strong, because during their life they have proven it many times.

We know it from the people who had witnessed those events.

Last week in one of Australia’s states volunteers found two lonely kittens. They were all alone and frightened in the cold and dark basement and needed help. These animals were taken to an adoption center.

When Grace and Jack decided to adopt an animal, they visited that center. But actually, they were meant to adopt one animal.

Their thoughts were changed until they saw these siblings in the cage. Kittens immediately hopped up seeing this couple.

The husband and her wife determined to adopt both of them because they were connected to each other so strongly, that no one could separate them. Grace and Jack became owners of two animals at once.

Thanks to their kind hearts now these animals are not separated and they are growing together happily day by day. We hope there are many such families in the world.

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