This homeless man’s last wish was to find a new loving family for his beloved dog, as he was already dying

One day, a woman named Jenine from California, noticed a poor homeless man sitting on the street tightly hugging his dog.

Jenine decided to check on them. Turned out that the man’s name is James, and he called his dog Baby.

He used to work on a farm and once had his own workshop. Soon because of misfortune he lost his job and home, besides, he was diagnosed with severe cancer and had a couple of weeks to live.

Actually, he didn’t care about his health and life, the only thing he was most worried about, was his beloved dog.

The man asked Jenine to find a home for his loyal dog, where the family will take care of him and love him unconditionally as he did.

James told her that he saved the dog’s life as his former owner was beating him in front of him. He just loved him with all his heart.

So the woman immediately turned to GoFundMe, and many people helped them out. They found a new home, James was just paying for the motel room. Soon, the dog was adopted and started living in a loving family.

At least, the last wish of the man was fulfilled.

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