This is reality: wild animals have returned to cities deserted due to coronavirus

Thee coronaviru pandemiic hasforced millionns ofpeople to self-isolate at home. The deserted cities began to be inhabited by wild animals that had once left their habitat due to the arrival of man. And if at first it was harmless goats and deer, now residents of the whole world can watch dangerous predators from the window.

The town of Harold Hill in the vicinity of East London was chosen by deer. They lie on the lawns in whole flocks, enjoying the sun and lush grass.

Thailand and India are flooded with hungry monkeys, who feed mainly on tourists. The video captures one of the streets of the Thai city of Lopburi. A banana thrown by a passer-by caused a mass brawl among the monkeys.

A Texas woman managed to capture a rare photograph of a fox sleeping on a stump in her parents’ yard. What serenity against the backdrop of general chaos!

Now this is not cute at all! Residents of the town of Boulder in northern Colorado watch with horror as wild cougars roam the streets of residential areas. According to experts, this is an atypical behavior for these animals – they usually do not show activity in early spring.

Another case of the appearance of a dangerous predator in a residential area. At the end of March, cougars appeared on the streetsof Chileaan capitallSantiago.

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