This lonely dog received a birthday surprise gift, the video of which gathered more than 7 million views on YouTube

We often adopt animals without realizing that they may feel better in animal shelters.

The reason is that these creatures become the only animals in our house, and in the shelters, they have many friends and relatives with whom they can constantly play and have fun.

That’s why the owners of Rhett Barkley decided to give an interesting and original surprise on the birthday of their beloved dog.

They called to the living room, where a very large box was placed. The dog’s eyes shone with happiness, he had not yet seen what was in the box, but he felt that a very big and pleasantt surprisee awaitedhim.

Whentheyopened the box, it turned out that a girl and a dog were hiding there.

From the first minutes of the meeting, these two dogs became closer and became sister and brother. They spent the whole day together.

This was the bestgift adog ownercould give him.

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