This poor puppy’s owner abandoned him, leaving him alone in the middle of the street

Some people dedicate their lives to rescuing and helping others, but there exists a certain mass of people, who just do not care what will happen to their beloved and darling ones.

It is a huge tragedy when they become unprotected and helpless animals’ owners. What this kind of people does with their animals is out of any imagination. One of the victims of this sort of owner was this adorable and gorgeous puppy.

The ruthless and hard-hearted owner left the dog alone in the street to get rid of this wonderful doggy. You know, the owner’s action had a very bad effect on the dog’s emotional world, transforming him into a scary animal.

Fortunately, volunteers from the center of Animal Rescue found him. When they received information about the poor animal, they hurried to save him. At that time he was all in mud. Kind-hearted volunteers fed him, even one of them adopted the doggy giving him a right to live under a warm shelter and play calmly like other animals.

With the efforts of this volunteer one more lovely animal is safe and sound. We hope there are many kind people in this world who will not let any animal feel abandoned.

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