This woman who saved the kitten’s life was sure they were meant for each other

5 years ago a woman named Amanda lost her job. Soon she was diagnosed with depression.

So she decided to take a pet believing that it will be her driving force to continue living. She saw a cat on the internet in black and white colors.

Amanda traveled a long way to adopt this beautiful cat. She named her Cookie as the cat had a bad immune system and he was weak.

In two days, the woman discovered severe dehydration problems in the pet, and also Cookie’s stomach was full of worms.,

But she didn’t have enough money to give him to hospital for a long treatment,t

So she started to act by herself as if no one was there to save the cat. Amanda made meals fish and chicken full of vitamins.

Besides, she constantly put the cat in medical bathing. When everything seemed so well, Cokkie’ got infections. Amanda was struggling to save his life. It took her several months.

But now, after a long rehab, she is doing well and now she is healthier.

The loving owner states that they were destined to find each other, they both saved each other’s lives.

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