To save his beloved dog from illness, the boy sold his valuable Pokemon cards and engaged others to donate

A boy with the name of Bryson learned that his puppy named Bruce needed to have expensive treatment. The dog had severe parvovirus which was caused by a stomach infection.\

By the doctor’s estimation, it was around 700$ overall. Bryson said that it saddened him a lot as the dog was his only friend, and he would do anything for him, they loved each other a lot.

He then quickly came up with a good plan, it was to put on sell his favorite and valuable thing, the Pokemon cards for 5-10$ each.

It was his favorite collection, which he collected since he was four. But apparently, the health of his precious dog was way more important for him. They made a small stand, similar to lemonade stands, but in the end, the boy only sold a couple of them, but that engaged even more people who were ready to donate their own cards or money and help the boy.

In 2 days, the boy had already 400$ in his pocket.

In addition, his photo with a stand went viral and donations reached over 5500$. This amount of money was enough and even more for Bruce’s treatment and even rehabilitation.

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