Touching scene the brave horse rescues a filly from drowning in the river

Animals, as well as humans, are enriched with gentle emotion and feelings. They can be caring and loving, also supportive to others.

Not to mention that sometimes we encounter selfless and brave animals who go above and beyond to help others in need. Something similar happened in a park, the case was captured by a volunteer. A horse was saving the baby cub from drowning.

Becky, who was the volunteer, was on her duty at National Forest. He saw a group of horses where the famous stallion Champ was walking with his family. Later on, they met another group of horses and started having “conversation”.

Soon they decided to cross the river together but the current was very strong and a little cub couldn’t keep up with the flow and started to drown. The Champ immediately rushed to help.

He put the baby on his neck and started to swim to the bank. The baby was scared and confused but the hero horse took care of him ver well.

This is so incredible to see animals be so caring and supportive toward each other.

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