Touching scene when mother elephant reunites with her daughter after 12 years of being apart

This is a heartwrenching moment at the Zoo of Halle, when these elephants being apart for twelve years, are finally reunited.


They might be physically far from each other but their love never faded. The mother elephant and her daughter were once parted but now as they met each other they immediately recognized each other and gave a sign of love with their trunks.


They put their trunks out of the fences to have a touching greeting. The daughter’s name is Tana, she was nineteen years old and was there together with her children named Tamika and Elani. And the mother, Pori, was thirty-nine years old and didn’t see her granddaughters. So the daughter showed her the children, they were very excited to meet their granny.

This gentle love shows that their love was pure.

The reunion was possible due to EEP Program. They help separated animals to meet and reunite with their offspring.

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