Two brave police officers save the horse’s life from the burning barn

Fires arund the worls are disatrous. It affects people in a very tough way, they panic very quickly and may not orientate easily. This mostly relates to animals who just stand there not knowing what to do.


A similar case happened in the Farm Red Wing, with the local horse. When the fire destroyed the barn, the horse with the name of Phoebe was just standing there. Luckily, 2 police officers named Matthew and Kristian rushed to rescue the poor animal.

When they approached the barn, they yelled to know who was left there inside. Turned out the poor horse was standing frozen, Perhaps, she was shocked and scared.

They started calling out the horse to make her move quickly.

They used rope and another manpower came to help. Phoebe was saved. Luckily the scared animal was not injured and she was safe and sound. Unfortunately,y, the bar was all in fire, and it was too late to do something. But the life of animals and humans is way more important.

Thanks to these brave officers, a precious life was successfully saved.

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