Two children buried a cat in the sand for likes

Children, especially today’s children, are ready for anything to establish themselves on social networks and collect a lot of likes. An 8-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy buried a cat in a sandbox up to its head.

This case took place in the courtyard of a private house in one of Russia’s cities.

The girl filmed everything on the phone and commanded the boy what to do. She was still compacting the sand around the unfortunate animal with her feet. This was done to get likes on the social network. The girl immediately posted a video on her page with a request to support the cat with likes, otherwise, they won’t dig it up․

Then the video from the girl’s page disappeared. Someone complained about animal cruelty. But, someone managed to copy the video. The police and animal right activists were involved in the investigation. The girl’s parents face a trial and a fine of up to 17,000 rubles.

It is a pity, but there is no information about the further fate of the cat.

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