Two lovely and adorable swan couple show a touching reunion after a short time of seperation

We all noticed the beautiful love between swans who appreciate and cherish it every day.

These glorious birds illustrate love and care the same way as humans. Although their reaction was devastating when they got to be separated from each other.

So the adorable swan couple Clyde and Bonnie live near Crewe lake. They are a famous swan couple in their area.

Recently Bonnie got injured. A rescue team arrived to save the poor bird.
But the process was quite difficult, the bird was so aggressive that the team used special rafts to organize the rescue.
Finally, she was moved to a Wildlife Center. Turned out she had a leg injury.

But Clyde was so helpless, he didn’t what was going on with her soulmate and he seemed very confused and worrying. Fortunately, according to the doctors, the leg was not in a very bad condition and she could be sent back to her home in a month or sooner.
Soon, the scene of the reunition was so heart-wrenching, emotional, and full of pure love.

Once Bonnie set free, she rushed to her lover and they formed a heart shape with their necks.
Footage of the purest love.

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