“We couldn’t believe our eyes”: the goose that the fox dragged away survived and returned to the family

He did everything to be at home again – among the people who became his family. Vs Steve and his sister Lulu appeared at the home of Karla Shimko, a resident of the Canadian city of Mus-Jo, nine years ago and soon became an integral part of the family.

According to Carla, the more she interacted with the goslings, the more she understood that they could not be just “birds in the backyard.”

The new pets turned out to be smart and interesting creatures – especially Steve. He quickly became attached to the mistress and followed her on the heels. The geese slept with the dogs and were the first to welcome guests, demonstrating the wonders of intelligence.

Last month, the family’s favorite, Steve, was in trouble. Carla went out of the house to see what the children were doing and didn’t find him. White feathers were scattered everywhere, but the goose itself was nowhere to be found.

The family was looking for a pet all over the area. Carla even posted information about the goose on Facebook in the hope that some of the users might have seen it. Time passed, but the search did not yield results, and then the girl published a post about Steve on the pet search page of the city of Mus-Jo. On the same day, Karla learned that one of the neighbors had seen a fox running along the road, holding a white goose in its mouth. This news greatly upset the family, who had already begun to lose hope of finding a pet.

But the next morning, something incredible happened: Carla’s husband was awakened by the fact that someone knocked softly on the front door. Opening it, the man could not believe his eyes. Steve was on the doorstep!

It was clear that the bird had come a long way to return to its family. Steve was exhausted but couldn’t contain his joy when he saw his “mom”. Now the goose is fine. Surrounded by people who love him, Steve quickly recovered and within a week was running freely around the yard, loudly announcing the district that he was home again.

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