When the couple went to the refuge after losing their kitty another snowy cat in the refuge chose them in their place

Do you think that animals don’t realize anything what is going in their surrounding.

A pair once lost their lovely kitty in New York. They were used to the animal and after months of grief they determined to take another kitten from an anima refuge.

When they visited the place a wonderful snow kitty rushed to encounter them and sprang to the neck of Stephanie’s partner and started to meow happily. The couple at once liked the kitty.

They were touched with the gesture of the cat. The kitty was hugging the man with warmth. So they at that time determined to take the cat. They found what they were looking for. They gave the cat the name Oliver.

They named so also the pet which passed away. Unluckily their new companion had issues with health. The volunteers told them about that in the shelter. But anyway they adopted the cute one.

Oliver was in need of proper care. At first it did not want to separate with its holders in the house. It was terrified to be alone and did not want to go anywhere.

To calm the pet down they decided to have a day off and spend the day with it. The thing was that there was another kitty in the house. They did not like each other but then they started to play together.

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