When the foal lost his mother, a cattle dog became his best friend and supporter

A cattle dog with the name of Zip was not so interested in socializing with other animals.



But one day, the dog felt that his family needed him!

The mother a foal with the name of Tye got sick and died after giving birth to the foal. The baby didn’t feel well, and her condition was getting even worse.


The owners of the stable were around him to treat him.

But then Zip approached the baby, started whining, and layed down next to him. He spent the whole night next to the baby. Amazingly, the foal felt peaceful and happy around Zip.

He was very sad without his mother but thanks to this dog he got full care and support.

He got a good weight, started eating, and looked healthy.

Zip became his protector and supporter, he was always there!

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