When your pet is the Baskerville dog

When we think of a giant dog, the first thing that comes to mind is Great Danes. And this is fair. But even among the Great Danes there are giants.

The new world size champion is Freddie the great danefrom essex, England. For some reason, no one reports his height at the withers, but according to the photographs, he is no less than 120 cm. But the height in the stance on the hind legs is known to everyone: 2 meters 30 cm.

Claire Stoneman knew she was going to have a big dog, but to be so…

The dog costts£15000 year to maintain, including food and gnawed furniture. Yes, this giant periodically plays childhood, despite the gray muzzle.

The main problem, says the owner, is that he is not allowed to interact with other people’s dogs, and he has to choose a time when no one walks nearby.

Or go for a walk. The dogs are hysterical because of the size of Freddie, and Claire is aware that she will not hold a 90-kilogram dog in a snatch.

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