Who wants hugs? Retriever helps firefighters relieve stress after hard work

The owner of the playful retriever immediately noted in her theinnate qualitiesof thherapydog. From an early age, Kerit was taught the work of a guide, but then the dog began to provide moral support to local firefighters who are under severe stress in the service.

“Kerit loves people so much that when she meets a stranger, she acts as if he is her longtime friend,” says Heidi Carmen, the owner of the dog. “Her love for people is just boundless.”

Kerit’s help was especially needed in late August, when extensive wildfires broke out in California. Every day, the retriever came to the camp and charged the employees with a good mood before the start of the shift. Everyone wanted to talk and cuddle with Kerit – a positive dog makes everyone happy.

Putting out a fire takes a lot of strength from firefighters – both physical and mental. Shifts last 10-12 hours, and getting to the camp, people literally cannot stand on their feet from fatigue.

In such a stressful environment, even a short hug with a cheerful retriever means incredibly much. This is both support and a cure for stress, and an opportunity to forget about fatigue and pain for a moment. And it seems that Kerit understands the importance of his work. She tries to pay attention to every person, regardless of rank and merit.

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