Woman adopting senior dog realizes it’s her chighood pet who was left at the shelter

Sometimes we can hear shocking stories like the ones that are in the books.

A girl with the name of Nicole, who lives in Pennsylvania, was determined to get a dog. So she started to browse on social media, and accidentally she found a dog who reminded her of he beloved pet from childhood.

On her ten’s birthday anniversary, she received a beautiful gift from her grandmother. It was an adorable dog called Chloe.


She fell in love with him and they became best friends for the next four years. But soon, the family had to move from the town so they got separated.

So the parents left at the shelter. At that time the girl was only fourteen.

A couple of years later when she again went to the center to take her new pet. But the woman recogonised that it was her lovely dog Chloe who has left there years ago.

When Chloe met Nicole, she rushed to her and started to lick her face. Nichole was ensured, it was her beloved pet from childhood.

Isn’t it amazing? After long seven years, two best friends got reunited!

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