The bear wanted to ride on a Mercedes, but the owner scared him away with the help of “primal” screams
This funny story happened in early May. American Josee Luiis Rammos Juniior and his friends decided to spend the weekend in a forest cabin in Asheville. And their
The dog ran away from the new owner and walked 60 kilometers in search of the woman who saved her
Seneca Kruger is a psychotherapist who specializes in working with stray and rescued dogs who have lost trust in humans. 30 pupils have already been in her hands,
My dear man! Friendly Retriever loves couriers and waits for them at the door every day.
Seven-year-old Pippin has a small weakness – she loves postal workers and delivery services. Whether it’s in a beautiful shape, or in love for surprises, but the dog
“I won’t give up without a fight!” The raccoon escaped from the trapping service, descending from the 10th floor along a sheer wall
If you live on the 10th floor, then a raccoon is the last thing you expect to see there. But this is exactly what happened to a resident
The sweetest couple: in Australia, a koala and a wombat became best friends
Koal- Elssa frrom australian reptile park is already known to Internet users. At the beginning of this year, a video with a newborn cub spread all over social
A woman raised three ducklings from store eggs, inspired by a Youtube video
When 29-year-old Charlie Lello was sent on a long vacation with the onset of the coronavirus epidemic, she had a lot of free time. The woman decided not
A gang of cubs got into the car and tried to steal it
Bears rarely go out to people – and mostly in search of food. But this time, the animals just decided to have fun, almost stealing the car in
Call the exorcist! Sphynx Xherdan named “world’s scariest cat”
Lack of fur, folds from ears to heels, a condemning cold look from under frowning eyebrows – this cat is no joke. And closer to the night it
The stork flies 13,000 kilometers every year to return to its wounded girlfriend
A lov storyy worthy of being sung. Therelationship between the storks Klepetan and Malena from croatia breaks the heartsof peoplearound the world. Their bond beggan overr twenty years
A woman built a village for dogs that people want to live in
Imagine a holiday home in the forest on 22 hectares of your own territory. Each vacationer has his own cottage and three meals a day. Long walks at